• Affalterbach, Jan 12, 2023 - To mark the end of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Mercedes-AMG is presenting a special model of the SL 63 4MATIC+ (combined fuel consumption: 13.2–12.8 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 300 291 g/km). It reflects the look of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E PERFORMANCE racing car.
    Combined fuel consumption:13.2-12.8 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 300-291 g/km*
  • Affalterbach, May 18, 2022 - With the new Mercedes-AMG SL 43 (combined fuel consumption 9.4–8.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 214–201 g/km)[1], entry into the iconic world of the sporty roadster is possible from just 118,708.45 euros .
    Mercedes-AMG SL 43 (combined fuel consumption 9.4-8.9 l/100 km, combined CO2-emissions 214-201 g/km)*
  • Affalterbach, Apr 6, 2022 - Following the two variants with V8 engines, Mercedes-AMG presents the SL 43 (combined fuel consumption 9.4-8.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 214-201 g/km), a technically innovative entry-level model of the newly developed roadster icon.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9,4-8,9 l/100 km | CO₂-emissions combined: 214-201 g/km*
  • Affalterbach, Mar 22, 2022 - The new Mercedes-AMG SL is now available to order, in a happy coincidence with the start of spring in the calendar last Sunday. The new edition of an icon returns to its roots with a classic soft top and sporty character.
    Mercedes-AMG SL 55 4MATIC+ (fuel consumption combined: 13,0-12,2 l/100 km, CO₂-emissions combined: 294-277 g/km*) / Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ (fuel consumption combined: 13,0-12,5 l/100 km, CO₂-emissions combined: 294-282 g/km*)
  • Affalterbach, Oct 21, 2021 - Mercedes-AMG will unveil the newest edition of an automotive icon on Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 16:00 (CEST) with the Digital World Premiere of the new Mercedes-AMG SL on our online platform Mercedes me media.
  • Affalterbach, Jul 14, 2021 - The interior design of the upcoming SL transforms the iconic tradition of the first 300 SL Roadster into the modern era. Thanks to its Mercedes-AMG performance genes, the new edition caters to the sporty target group as well as customers looking for maximum comfort.
  • Affalterbach, May 19, 2021 - It began in 1952 with a filigree space frame, which in the first SL combined low weight with the highest possible torsional rigidity. This construction was conceived for its original use in motorsport and further developed to provide the backbone for the later production model in coupé and roadster form.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 12, 2021 - "Dear Editor! The new MERCEDES-BENZ "300 SL" (super-light) sports car model will be undertaking road trials in public for the first time this week. We are therefore delighted to enclose the technical data for this vehicle, together with a photo."
  • Affalterbach, Aug 27, 2020 - The next generation of the legendary SL Roadster is going back to its roots, which lay in motorsport back in 1952.