AMG DYNAMIC SELECT: Individual selection of vehicle character

Nov 17, 2014
From "Comfort" to "Sport", "Sport +" and "RACE" and "Individual". The driver is able to influence the characteristics of the GT with up to five different AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes. This makes the driving characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG sports car highly individual.
Cruise serenely through town with a high level of understatement, or improve personal lap times with maximum dynamic performance on the racetrack: the new operating concept of the Mercedes-AMG GT with AMG DYNAMIC SELECT offers unprecedented choice and allows precise modification of the car's character to suit the individual wishes of the driver.
The driver determines the desired driving experience by using the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT controller in the centre console – there is a choice of various preconfigured transmission modes plus an "Individual" mode which drivers can largely configure for themselves.
The following AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes are available:
  • "Comfort"
  • "Sport"
  • "Sport +"
  • "RACE" (GT S only)
  • "Individual"
"Comfort" mode with new sailing function
"Comfort" mode is the well-balanced transmission mode with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering setup, as well as a fuel-efficient powertrain configuration – including smooth gearshifts and a discreet engine note. The "sailing" function is completely new: when the driver releases the accelerator in a speed range from 60 to 160 km/h, the clutch of the DCT transmission is disengaged. This reduces the engine speed to idling level, and the driving resistance is reduced by the compression and frictional forces of the engine on the overrun. The vehicle "sails", using its own, current kinetic energy for a certain distance. This results in further fuel savings. The clutch is reengaged as soon as the driver operates the accelerator or brake pedal. The "sailing" function is indicated in the AMG instrument cluster by a new icon depicting a stylised sailing yacht. The ECO start/stop function is also available in transmission mode "C", switching off the engine at traffic-lights and helping to save fuel.
"Sport" mode
The "Sport" transmission mode is characterised by agility and driving pleasure, with a sporty suspension setup and direct accelerator characteristics. The DCT transmission responds more readily, and performs faster gearshifts. The suspension has stiffer response characteristics optimised for a sporty driving style on fast, undulating circuits such as the North Loop of Nürburgring, while still offering a certain measure of comfort. The exhaust system remains quietly restrained, and 3-stage ESP® is ON. The ECO start/stop and "sailing" functions are inactive in "Sport" mode. The AMG speed-sensitive sport steering reduces the power assistance for improved road feel.
"Sport +" mode
In "Sport+" mode the powertrain reacts spontaneously to dynamic load changes. This is when the performance exhaust system comes into its own, completely opening the variable exhaust flaps so that the driver can fully enjoy the unmistakable sound of the AMG V8. The gearshift strategy of the DCT transmission is optimally adapted to the needs of the racetrack – including extremely fast shift times, emotional double-declutching and fast response. The suspension setup changes to racetrack mode with maximum damping for modern circuits with a very level surface, with 3-stage ESP® remaining "ON". A further reduction in steering power assistance improves road feedback. The ECO stop/start and "sailing" functions remain inactive.
"RACE" mode reserved exclusively for the GT S
Only the GT S is equipped with the "RACE" transmission mode: the response characteristics of the 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine and the accelerator are now even more immediate. The exhaust system, suspension and steering remain at "Sport +" level, while 3-stage ESP® changes to "SPORT Handling Mode" and allows wider drift angles. The ECO start/stop function is inactive. The transmission activates "Race" mode, which is configured to maintain a high engine speed in the lowest possible gear when driving at racetrack speeds.
"Individual" mode
Over and above the preconfigured modes, the "Individual" transmission mode makes it possible to vary individual parameters for the engine, exhaust system, damper settings, transmission mode and 3-stage ESP®. The driver is able to configure the GT to personal requirements and conveniently store the desired configurations in the memory. The following combination is possible, for example: the shock absorbers in "Comfort", the engine in "Sport", the transmission mode in "M", 3-stage ESP® in "SPORT Handling Mode" and the exhaust system in "Sport +".
Pop-up window with an animated GT in various colour combinations
The currently selected mode is visualised using specific icons in the AMG instrument cluster, below the upshift indicator. A pop-up window also appears on the free-standing central display whenever the transmission mode is changed: depending on the mode, the animated GT is shown with an appropriate graphic and colour presentation. While subdued shades of blue predominate in "Comfort", the car is shown on a racetrack in "Race" – including red/white kerbs. The driver selecting "Individual" mode will find the respective features available for adaptation at the left edge of the pop-up window. For better visualisation, explanatory graphics appear on the right; in addition the selection made by the driver is highlighted in yellow.
All the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes can be further adapted at the touch of a button in the centre console – on the left side e.g. 3-stage ESP® and the shock absorbers of the AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension. On the right are the buttons for manual transmission mode, for the ECO start/stop function and, depending on level of equipment, for the performance exhaust system. The high level of individualisation prevents the driver from being reduced to playing a passive role.
Last Mode stores the transmission mode for a maximum of four hours
The "Last Mode" function is a new feature: it prevents a previous activated transmission mode from being reset. If the driver has been on the road in "Sport +", for example, and interrupts the journey for a short period, "Sport +" remains active for a maximum of four hours. Exception: for safety reasons,
3-stage ESP® always reverts to "ON" mode when the engine is restarted – even if the driver previously activated "SPORT Handling Mode" or "OFF". A pop-up message "ESP ON" reminds the driver of this. If the journey is interrupted for more than four hours, the basic "Comfort" mode will always be activated when the engine is restarted.