A remarkably broad range for the new Vito: one for all

Jul 28, 2014
  • Two wheelbases, three lengths, up to four weight variants
  • The panel van: identical load compartment but a higher payload
  • Vito Mixto: panel van and crewcab combined
  • The new Vito Tourer BASE, PRO and SELECT: much more than a crewbus
  • Vito Tourer: passenger compartment seating as versatile as the possible deployment scenarios
  • Perfect climate in the vehicle interior
  • Sliding door: secure lock with electric actuation upon request
  • The new Vito – a platform for conversion
The new Mercedes-Benz Vito: one for all. With a range consisting of panel van, Mixto and Vito Tourer the new Vito appeals to lots of different customer groups. The Vito panel van is aimed at commercial goods transport; retail and services; courier, express and parcel services; skilled crafts, trades and industry; the construction sector; gardening and landscaping, plus car hire.
With a second row of seats and partition, the Vito Mixto has the combined transportation of goods and passengers covered. Target groups likewise include those mentioned above.
The new Vito Tourer is much more than a successor to the conventional crewbus van. Available in three basic designs – Vito Tourer BASE, Tourer PRO and Tourer SELECT – it is the ideal partner for transporting passengers on a commercial basis and serves all segments in this wide field.
Two wheelbases, three lengths, up to four weight variants
Different variants can be obtained of all new Vito models. As before, there is a choice of two wheelbases and three lengths for the new Vito: compact, long (with extended rear overhang) or extra-long (with a further extended wheelbase).
All three lengths are 140 millimetres longer than the preceding Vito. This can mainly be attributed to an extended front end to help protect pedestrians. The resulting vehicle lengths are 4895 mm, 5140 mm and 5370 mm. Both wheelbases are unchanged at 3200 and 3430 mm.
The body width likewise scarcely exceeds the figure for the previous model at 1928 mm (excluding mirrors) to ensure manoeuvrability even in confined traffic conditions.
On the panel van, Mixto and Tourer BASE the vehicle height is 1910 mm and just 1890 mm for the Tourer PRO and Tourer SELECT. Consequently all variants are significantly below the important two-metre mark and therefore fit standard multi-storey/underground car parks and automatic car washes. Even with the optional roof rails, this is clearly below the critical dimension. Because the radio antenna is integral, it won't impede entry either.
The permissible gross vehicle weights at the heart of the new Vito range are 2.8 t and 3.05 t. They are complemented by a reduced 2.5 t variant and a new, upgraded 3.2 t Vito. Different equipment lines, numerous optional extras and a unique choice of three drive systems offer scope for custom individualisation.
The panel van: identical load compartment but a higher payload
The Vito panel van's load compartment is virtually unchanged on the previous model in terms of dimensions. This enables installed components, from service vehicles for examples, to be transferred to the new Vito without modification. The internal height is 1408 mm, while the loading length is 2433 mm on the compact Vito, 2668 mm on the long version and 2908 mm on the extra-long Vito. On the Vito panel van, the front seats have an open-backed seat base which increases the loading length by 153 mm across the entire width of the vehicle. This is useful for longer loads.
The load compartment is 1685 mm wide with a clearance of 1270 mm between the wheel arches, making it possible to load Europallets with ease sideways to the direction of travel. The dimensions for the new Vito's load compartment result in a cargo volume of 5.5 m³ for the compact Vito, 6.0 m³ for the long version and 6.6 m³ for the extra-long Vito.
Thanks to the newly unveiled front-wheel drive in conjunction with a compact diesel engine, the Vito panel van's kerb weight for the medium length with standard equipment is just 1761 kg. As a result, even the Vito with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.05 t achieves a very impressive payload of 1289 kg. However, the payload champion of its class is the rear-wheel drive Vito, which has a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.2 t and a payload capacity of 1369 kg.
Vito Mixto: panel van and crewcab combined
The basic design for the new Vito Mixto is on a par with the preceding model. It combines the functionality of a panel van and a crewcab in one vehicle. With windows between the B and C-pillar as standard, as well as a rugged, anti-slip floor with a textured surface in the rear, Mercedes-Benz optionally supplies the Vito Mixto with a fixed partition with an observation window of the height of the C-pillar.
People can choose between either a two or three-passenger bench seat in the rear. A ratchet system secures the removable seats to the floor. They all have three-point seat belts with two-way head restraints and even feature the ISOFIX child seat securing system. If desired, there is a comfort version of the rear seats which is like having single seats with separately adjustable backrests and armrests.
The new Vito Mixto is available in all three length variants. Loading length measures between 1.40 m and 1.87 m and the load area covers between 1.86 m² and 2.63 m². The cargo volume behind the C-pillar is somewhere from 3.1 m³ to 4.1 m³ depending on length. There are either four or six load-securing points in the Mixto, again depending on the chosen length.
Panel van and Mixto: optimising the cargo area and securing the load
As an option the Vito panel van's load compartment can be fitted with a rugged, anti-slip plywood floor with a textured surface. This is already standard equipment on the Vito Mixto. In both the panel van and the Mixto the lower side walls are clad with hardboard as standard in the load compartment to protect them from damage. Similar covering is available as an option for the top section on both models. It is possible to go further by adding continuous plywood panelling up to roof height.
There is also an optional "Comfort package" for the Mixto which includes rugged, plastic side panelling for example. The side wall on the left without a sliding door then has a stowage compartment, map pocket, two bottle holders and two cup holders. This package is rounded off by a roof liner and a hard-wearing plastic floor. For securing loads in the panel van and Mixto there are sturdy lashing points on the floor of the load compartment as standard.
This method of load securing can be enhanced by a rail system on the floor with a 25 mm grid pattern for lashing eyes. Optional lashing rails can be added to the belt rail along the side wall. These too have a closely spaced, 25 mm pattern for attachment points.
Fitting an LED light strip is recommended in the panel van or Mixto if a work lamp is required in the load compartment. The light strip consists of twelve LEDs to illuminate the space brightly and without shadows.
The new Vito Tourer BASE, PRO and SELECT: much more than a crewbus
The new Vito Tourer for transporting passengers commercially offers a high level of flexibility combined with safety, economy and quality. As a distinct family within the new Vito model series there are three basic versions providing exceptional breadth of range.
The Vito Tourer BASE is an economical and functional means of transport for the construction sector, industry, skilled crafts and trades, and service providers. With fixed glazing in the rear, a rugged, anti-slip floor with textured surface along with side wall panelling and roof liner made of easy-to-clean hardboard, its appointments are functional and business-like. A childproof lock for the sliding door together with a window in the tailgate with wiper/washer system form part of the standard equipment.
Applications in which comfort and ease of cleaning are equally important are where the Vito Tourer PRO comes in. It is tailored for vehicle rentals, use by clubs or providing transport to and from schools. The standard additional features compared to the Tourer BASE are two rows of seating in the rear; a padded, well insulated and easy-care plastic floor; plastic side wall panelling with padded armrests; stowage facilities and bottle and cup holders; a fabric roof liner; preinstallation for a radio in the cab, and an adjustable steering column. The exterior mirrors are heatable and electrically adjustable as standard. Windows are tinted.
Among other uses the comfortable Vito Tourer SELECT makes an ideal hotel shuttle vehicle or taxi. On the outside, painted bumpers and detachable body parts, alloy wheels and size 205/65 R 16 tyres visually indicate its status as the ambitious top-of-the-range model in this series. Inside, the Tourer SELECT has appointments of equally high quality: passengers are treated to two rows of sliding, deluxe seating in the rear and black carpet. The driver and front passenger benefit from the TEMPMATIC air conditioning system, a multifunction steering wheel, instrument cluster with pixel matrix display and enhanced information, rain/light sensor, convenience overhead control panel with fibre-optic cable, LED reading lamps, cockpit downlighter and spectacles compartment, as well as luxury seats for the driver and passenger.
Vito Tourer: passenger compartment seating as versatile as the possible deployment scenarios
The seating is one of the most exciting aspects of the new Vito Tourer. Mercedes-Benz provides the Vito in a range of variants to suit different applications.
For example, the Vito Tourer is available with bench seats for two or three passengers in the passenger compartment's first row. The same choice may be made for the second rear row. A ratchet system secures the bench seats to the floor and, thanks to a quick-change system, they can be removed in next to no time. Integral three-point seat belts and two-way head restraints as well as an ISOFIX child seat securing system for each place ensure a high level of safety.
Thanks to these seating variants there are many possible combinations that can be individualised further with different equipment options.
Deluxe seating so it feels like you're not sharing
A luxury version of the seats is available with split backrests. In this case the backrests can be adjusted separately and act as tables when folded forwards. Folding, adjustable armrests are also available. The three-passenger seat benches can be obtained with a folding outer seat to facilitate access to the rear (standard on the Vito Tourer SELECT). Thanks to the easy-entry function this seat can be folded forwards over the front anchor point in a single move and can also be removed separately. With this variant the bench seat may additionally be folded into the package position to enlarge the stowage space: the backrest rests on the seat and in the next step the bench folds fully forwards.
An optional face-to-face configuration is possible for the first and second seat rows in the passenger compartment. The ultimate in flexibility, however, is the way the bench seats are attached to a rail system with quick-release fittings (standard on the Vito Tourer SELECT). In this case, the individual bench seats can be positioned to suit courtesy of a 25 mm grid pattern. A rubber cover prevents the rails from getting dirty. The rails themselves provide plenty of possible ways to secure loads.
Optional luxury bunk
If desired, the Vito Tourer PRO and Vito Tourer SELECT variants of the new Vito Tourer can be used as basic overnight accommodation. For this purpose the vehicle may be equipped with a three-passenger bench seat in the second row of seats which has a one-piece backrest to act as a luxury bunk. When fully reclined and with a bed extension a bunk can be created measuring 2.03 x 1.35 m. With the backrest folded into position the bed extension can also serve as a second stowage surface. The luxury bunk bench has drawers under the seating surface. Equipment in the bunk package includes black-tinted glass to provide protection in the back from prying eyes.
Perfect climate in the vehicle interior
The heating and air conditioning are as individual as the Vito itself: every customer is able to arrange these systems to suit their specific model and deployment scenario. An additional hot air duct in the floor to the passenger compartment is standard equipment for the Vito Mixto and all Vito Tourer models. The air outlets are at B-pillar height. This feature is also available for the panel van – important if the freight is temperature-sensitive, for example.
An electric heater booster ensures that the interior heats up rapidly after a cold start in just a few seconds. For all Vito Tourers there is an additional heat exchanger in the rear. Temperature and airflow, together with the heating, are controlled in the cab. For added comfort there is fuel-fired hot-air auxiliary heating for the Mixto and Vito Tourer when parked up. This combines the functionality of a heater booster system with an auxiliary heater and is controllable by a timer or, if desired, radio remote control.
Another temperature control option for all Vito model variants is the hot-water auxiliary heater with stationary heating function, which likewise runs on fuel. It is programmable as auxiliary heating (via radio remote control upon request), controls the vehicle temperature prior to starting the journey, pre-warms coolant to shorten the cold-running phase, and also serves as a heater booster when the vehicle is in operation.
The choice of available air-conditioning variants is equally diverse. TEMPMATIC semi-automatic climate control for the cab is optional. This controls the temperature automatically but airflow and distribution are set manually. TEMPMATIC is part of standard equipment on the Vito Tourer SELECT.
THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control is even more convenient. With this two-zone system the driver and passenger are able to set their desired temperature individually. Airflow and distribution are controlled fully automatically. As solar radiation increases a solar sensor adjusts both the blower speed and air temperature in good time to maintain the predefined temperature. Automatic climate control is also available with a higher output for all Vito Tourer.
Cue the Vito Tourer. For the passenger compartment, additional TEMPMATIC semi-automatic climate control is offered for all models. The air distribution has been carefully thought out: there are outlets for hot and cold air to the left and right in the rear, hot air outlets at foot level and roof outlets for hot and cold air. In conjunction with THERMOTRONIC in the Vito Tourer this creates three-zone automatic climate control for the driver, front passenger and other passengers.
Optional electric vent windows at the rear left and right ensure perfect ventilation in the interior. These can be opened by a maximum of 40 mm and are operated by the passengers or driver.
Sliding door: secure lock with electric actuation upon request
As an additional security feature all Vito models with seats in the back come with an active locking device for the sliding door as standard. This may also be ordered as an optional extra for the Mixto. What does it do? It locks the open sliding door in the end position and can only be released by pressing the door handle. As a result the sliding door will not inadvertently close on a gradient, for example.
All Vito Tourer vehicles are optionally available with an electrically actuated sliding door. This is particularly quiet when closing. It is operated via switches on the centre console, the B-pillar, as well as by a button on the radio remote control.
Upon request all Vito Tourer vehicles can have slip-on cup holders in the second passenger row. To protect the occupants a net is also available. It is attached directly behind the driver and front passenger seat or behind the first/second row of seats. Another practical feature is the load compartment organiser with a second cargo floor at half height in the luggage compartment. There are two integral shopping baskets in the floor.
Should discretion be required, tinted windows in the rear are recommended. Privacy glass protects the occupants from prying eyes while at the same time enhancing the vehicle's look.
For use as a taxi, Mercedes-Benz offers the Vito with an extensive taxi package. A taximeter in the interior mirror can be added, the integration of which provides passengers with information about their journey. It also means that no DIN slot is required for this functionality and this may then be used for other purposes.
The new Vito and its appointments: versatility at its best
With models varying between functional and lavish, there are plenty of optional extras for making the new Vito individual. For example, all variants of the panel van, Mixto and Vito Tourer can be obtained with a sliding door on the left side of the vehicle. As an alternative to the standard tailgate, all designs of the new Vito are also available with hinged rear doors which can be opened to the outer wall on the Vito panel van, Mixto and Vito Tourer BASE.
To making the selection process easier, Mercedes-Benz has put together attractively priced equipment packages of extras that logically belong together.
For example, customers may choose the Lane Tracking package which contains both Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. The Driving Assistance package adds COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST to that. If the Vito will mainly be used in urban traffic, the Parking package is recommended. This comprises a reversing camera and Active Parking Assist. With automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors and ambient lighting at night the Mirror package boosts driving safety and comfort. Electric folding exterior mirrors protect them from damage by third parties.
In addition to the optional extras available ex factory Mercedes-Benz provides a wide range of accessories for the new Vito. Aimed specifically at commercial applications are rugged low or tall tubs for the luggage compartment, a writing surface, hard-wearing floor mats, seat covers and mud flaps. Skilled crafts- and tradespersons in particular will be interested in the basic roof carrier and associated components such as a loading roller, ladder rack or set of angled brackets.
The new Vito – a platform for conversion
To power additional electrical consumers such as electrical devices onboard for commercial purposes or to fit it out as a camper van, all designs of the new Vito can be equipped with an extra battery. There are also different types of enhanced batteries or a high-output alternator.
Like the predecessor, Mercedes-Benz will supply the new Vito with a parameterisable special module if desired. This is an interface between the vehicle electrics and those of customer-specific add-ons.
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Panel Van, 116 CDI, exterior, jupiter red; Mixto, 111 CDI, Exterior, navy blue; Tourer BASE, 111 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic; Tourer PRO, 114 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic; Tourer SELECT, 119 BlueTEC, exterior, flint grey metallic
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Mixto, 111 CDI, exterior, navy blue; Panel Van, 116 CDI, exterior, jupiter red; Tourer BASE, 111 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Panel Van, 116 CDI, exterior, jupiter red; Mixto, 111 CDI, exterior, navy blue; Tourer BASE, 111 CDI, Exterior, flint grey metallic
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Tourer BASE, 111 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic; Mixto, 111 CDI, exterior, navy blue; Panel Van, 116 CDI, exterior, jupiter red
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Mixto, 111 CDI, exterior, navy blue; Panel Van, 116 CDI, exterior, jupiter red
Mercedes-Benz Vito model range: Tourer SELECT, 119 BlueTEC, exterior, flint grey metallic; Tourer PRO, 114 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic; Tourer BASE, 111 CDI, exterior, flint grey metallic