Stay in your Comfort Zone – The marketing campaign for the new C-Class

Stay in your Comfort Zone – The marketing campaign for the new C-Class

Jun 16, 2021

About the new C-Class

  • The C-Class reflects the demand for modern luxury. It offers space to leave everyday stress behind and time to relax in your own comfort zone.
  • With the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz is setting off into an even more efficient and digital world, creating an all-round future-proof comfort zone – a refuge that combines apparent opposites such as sportiness and comfort with efficiency, emotion and intelligence, thus defining modern luxury.

Idea and objective of the campaign

  • The campaign for the new C-Class reflects traditional Mercedes-Benz values such as safety and comfort and focuses on the luxury aspect of time and relaxation.
  • With this progressive interpretation, Mercedes-Benz wants to invite its customers to leave the stresses and strains of everyday life behind and relax where they feel comfortable – in their comfort zone.
  • The tonality is honest, emotional, confident, fun and progressive at the same time.

Visual concept

  • An integral part of the C-Class campaign is an intense play with contrasts. The visual world is characterised by contrasting colour worlds: Red images symbolise the lively togetherness of everyday life, while white colours symbolise peace, serenity and a place of retreat in one's own comfortable surroundings.
  • The avant-garde visual realisation sets another milestone for Mercedes-Benz as a brand of modern luxury.

TV Spot

  • The campaign film stages the new C-Class as a paradisiacal place, a symbol of the comfort zone and the setting for the film. The backdrop symbolises the driving experience, safety and comfort of the new C-Class.
  • We accompany the young protagonist in a metaphorical world on the dreamlike journey through her comfort zone and discover a mysterious world: curious, surprising and visually powerful.
  • The visual storytelling of the film conveys the feelings of our protagonist and relies on emotion while conveying the message of the campaign: Stay in your Comfort Zone.

Media mix

  • The global 360-degree campaign launched for the digital world premiere of the new C-Class on 23 February 2021 with campaign motifs and moving images in social media, web and print formats on and its own social media channels.
  • The TV spot follows the respective market launch of the new C-Class, which varies from region to region.
  • For the market launch in Germany, the TV spot has been broadcasting since June 7, 2021. The film will also be available as a 30- and 60-second version on the international Mercedes-Benz social media channels and YouTube from the evening of June 19, 2021.


  • Agency: Responsible for the idea, concept and implementation of the campaign: antoni garage
  • Moving image Campaign snippets:
    Production: BWGTBLD GmbH, Director: Daniel Sannwald, Producer: Anna Bauer
  • Post-Production Campaign snippets:
    Production: bEpic, Berlin & Pirates n Paradise, Producer: Lion Graf & Carolin Imbery
  • Print Stills
    Production: Recom Farmhouse, London, Photographer: Clemens Ascher
  • TV spot:
    Production: AKKURAT STUDIOS GmbH, Director: Jordan Hemmingway
    Post-production and visual effects: Storz & Escherich Berlin
    Sound Studio: Mermade Sound GmbH
    Song Title: Mercedes Interlude
    Music: James William Blades