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At a glance: Technical highlights of the new S-Class*

Sep 12, 2005
Sidebags: These side airbags (front and rear) reduce the risk of injury in a lateral collision.
Sound system: A multi-channel system with innovative digital technology provides surround-sound on every seat. Optional
TV reception: The tuner receives both digital TV programmes (DVB-T) and analogue broadcasts. Optional
Windowbags: This large airbag extends from the A to the C-pillar like a curtain during a crash, reducing the risk of head injuries. Standard
Optional in conjunction with bi-xenon headlamps
Paintwork: Nano-technology makes the paintwork more scratch-resistant and ensures a glossier sheen. Standard
Panoramic sliding roof: This new development has twice the usual area of glass. Optional
Park assist: This system assists the driver when parking and warns of an impending collision when reversing. Optional in conjunction with DISTRONIC PLUS
Parking brake: The parking brake is easy to operate thanks to an electric motor. Standard
Particulate filter: This system developed by Mercedes-Benz operates without additives and significantly reduces the already low particulate emissions. Standard
Pedestrian protection: Mercedes-Benz has designed the bonnet, wings, bumpers and other components so that they absorb impact energy in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. Standard
PRE-SAFE®: Anticipatory safety measures are taken to protect the occupants if an accident risk is detected. Standard
Reversing camera: The area behind the S-Class is shown in the COMAND display, and coloured directional lines show a precisely calculated path into a parking space. Optional
Seat ventilation: This further improved technology is based on six fans in the seat cushion and backrest. Optional
Seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC: The world's only automatic car transmission with seven ratios is combined with DIRECT SELECT electronic control. Standard in the V6 and V8 models
ESP®: This safety system has new functions such as trailer stabilisation and warns of pressure loss in the tyres. Standard
Headlamp Assist: A sensor on the windscreen detects failing light and automatically switches on the headlamps. Standard
High-tech steel: High-strength and ultra high-strength steels improve safety and rigidity. Half of all the bodyshell components are made from such high-tech steels. Standard
KEYLESS-GO: The doors and boot lid can be opened without a key. Optional
LINGUATRONIC: The voice control system operates the radio, navigation system and telephone. Optional
Massage function: Seven air chambers in the backrest are inflated and deflated in sequence to massage the back muscles. Optional in conjunction with dynamic multicontour seats
Multicontour seat: Air chambers enable the seat contours to be adjusted to the individual occupant. Optional 
Multifunction steering wheel: Steering wheel keys are used to control the radio, telephone, navigation system and other units. Standard
Navigation: The data for the Europe-wide navigation system COMAND APS are stored on a hard disc, making even faster route calculation possible. Optional
NECK-PRO: The sensor-controlled front head restraints are moved forward during a rear-end collision. Optional
Night view assist: Infrared headlamps and a cockpit display considerably improve the driver's vision at night.
Standard for all seats
Bi-xenon headlamps: Gas-discharge lamps for dipped and high beam improve safety at night. Optional
Brake Assist PLUS: This radar-based system recognises potential rear-end collisions and calculates the brake servo assistance required to prevent an accident. Optimal brake pressure is immediately available. Optional in conjunction with DISTRONIC PLUS
Child seat recognition: A transponder system automatically recognises whether a rear-facing child seat is installed, and deactivates the front passenger airbag if this is the case. Standard
COMAND: The system integrates operation of the radio, DVD-player and telephone. Standard
Cornering light: More safety at junctions and when travelling at low speed through tight bends. Optional in conjunction with bi-xenon headlamps
Crash boxes: Impact-absorbing elements in the front end can be inexpensively replaced following a minor crash. Standard
Crash sensors: Eleven sensors supply data about the type and severity of the impact during an accident. They include front sensors positioned well forward, pressure sensors in the doors and a rollover sensor. Standard
DISTRONIC PLUS: This improved proximity control system brakes the S-Class to a standstill in stop-and-go traffic. Optional
Dynamic multicontour seat: Thanks to new piezo valves, the seat responds to steering movements even more quickly and provides perfect lateral support. Optional
Ecology: The new S-Class is the first car to possess an environmental certification, which confirms the environment-oriented development process of the Saloon.
Active Body Control: This active suspension system is even more efficient than before. It provides maximum comfort and handling dynamics. Optional, standard in theS 600
Active Light System: The headlamps follow the driver's steering movements. Optional in conjunction with bi-xenon headlamps
ADAPTIVE BRAKE: This newly developed braking system assists the driver when moving off on gradients and in city traffic. Standard
Adaptive brake lights: Flashing brake lights warn vehicles behind in an emergency braking situation. Standard
Adaptive front airbags: The front airbags deploy in two stages, depending on accident severity. Standard
Aerodynamics: With a Cd-value of only 0.26, the new S-Class is among the most aerodynamically efficient cars. Standard
AIRMATIC: The air suspension system has been developed further for improved comfort and dynamism. It works together with the Adaptive Damping System.  Standard
Aluminium: The doors, bonnet, front wings, boot lid and other components are made from this lightweight material. Standard
Automatic climate control: This newly developed system has four temperature zones and offers numerous adjustments for individual climatic comfort. Standard
Belt force limiters: This technology reduces the belt forces acting on the occupants during a crash.  Standard for the front and outer rear seats
Belt tensioners: Seat belt slack is instantly taken up during a crash.