• Apr 29, 2016 - The Mercedes-Benz E-Class and its predecessors are representatives of a unique tradition in the automotive luxury and intermediate categories. The technical innovativeness and trendsetting design behind the successful model series from Mercedes-Benz have made their mark on this whole segment. The latest generation, the 213 model series launched in 2016, paves the way for the future – along with a wide range of systems that play their part in accident prevention and the possibility of semi-autonomous driving.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 13, 2009 - The history of the Mercedes-Benz intermediate class can be traced back in an unbroken line to 1947. That was the year in which the model 170 V, originally introduced in 1936, returned to production as the first post-war car built by Mercedes-Benz. But ever since the turn of the twentieth century, cars positioned beneath the luxury class, but above the small car segment, were an integral part of the model portfolios of Mercedes-Benz, as well as of the original brands, Mercedes and Benz.
  • Stuttgart, Dec 9, 2007 - Sporty, elegant, modern and above all autonomous: When the new Mercedes-Benz mid-range W 115 and W 114 models were unveiled to the media for the first time in January 1968, they appealed to industry experts and public alike.