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The new EQS SUV: the driving assistance systems

Apr 19, 2022

The Assistance Package includes these three driving assistance systems:

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

On all types of roads – motorways, country roads or in town – this intelligent system can automatically maintain a preset distance from vehicles ahead. Special features:

  • Selection of the DISTRONIC dynamics in MBUX, depending on DYNAMIC SELECT
  • Adjustment of set speed and acceleration for maximum range
  • With Navigation with Electric Intelligence (see separate chapter) and activated route guidance, the charging status at the destination or also at the intermediate charging point can be specified, if desired. Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC then adjusts the acceleration behaviour and, if necessary, the cruising speed to meet this specification.

Blind Spot Assist and exit warning function

Blind Spot Assist can warn the driver visually and, when the direction indicator is operated, also acoustically of lateral collisions if other road users are in the blind spot during the drive or when exiting the vehicle after the drive. With the exit warning, Blind Spot Assist continues to monitor the vehicle's surroundings for approx. three minutes after the vehicle is parked and warns of approaching vehicles, including two-wheelers.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

In a range from 60 to 250 km/h, Active Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera to detect when lanes markings or edges of roads are crossed, helping the driver to avoid leaving the lane unintentionally. The system also intervenes if there is a danger of collision with detected road users in the adjacent lane, e.g. with overtaking or oncoming vehicles. Special features:

  • Reaction to detected edges of roads, e.g. a grass verge
  • Particularly intuitive steering intervention
  • Adjustment of sensitivity via a menu (Early, Medium, Late)
  • The addition of Active Ambient Lighting, DIGITAL LIGHT and the Augmented Reality Head-up Display to the hazard warning system

In addition to Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC[1], the Driving Assistance Package Plus includes these driving assistance systems:

Active Steering Assist

This helps the driver to stay in lane at speeds up to 210 km/h. Special features:

  • Lane detection at low speeds additionally with 360° camera
  • Significantly improved availability and performance on bends on country roads
  • Improved lane centring on motorways
  • Situation-specific off-centred driving (e.g. forming an emergency corridor, but also following the road edge on country roads with no centre marking)

Evasive Steering Assist

Evasive Steering Assist can assist the driver when seeking to avoid another road user detected by the system in a critical situation. In the new EQS SUV, in addition to standing and crossing pedestrians, vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists moving in a longitudinal direction are also taken into account. The speed range is up to 110 km/h, support is also provided on inter-urban routes.

Active Blind Spot Assist and exit warning function

Active Blind Spot Assist can give a visual warning - and if the indicators are operated also an audible warning - of potential lateral collisions in a speed range from around 10 to 200 km/h. If the driver ignores the warnings and still tries to change lanes, the system can take corrective action by one-sided braking intervention at the last moment at speeds over 30 km/h. When the vehicle is stationary, the exit warning function can warn against exiting because a vehicle (or even a bicycle) is passing within the critical area. This function is available at standstill and up to three minutes after the start switch has been turned off. In addition, the hazard warning is supplemented with the aid of Active Ambient Lighting (also with the vehicle exit warning). Thanks to the cameras of the MBUX Interior Assistant, a danger warning can be given even if the driver or front passenger merely moves a hand towards the door handle.

Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function

Active Brake Assist uses the on-board sensors to register whether there is a risk of collision with vehicles travelling ahead, crossing or oncoming. The system can give the driver a visual and audible warning if a collision is imminent. If the driver's braking response is too weak, the system can also assist by increasing the brake pressure as the situation demands, and also initiate autonomous emergency braking if the driver fails to respond. Special features are the turning manoeuvre function when starting off (including crossing pedestrians when turning), the cross-traffic function on inter-urban routes (up to 120 km/h) and the warning and braking for oncoming traffic.

[1] Compared with the Assistance Package, here additionally with anticipatory speed adjustment to speed limits, reaction to stationary vehicles that are in the lane at a vehicle speed of up to 100 km/h, as well as with an adjustment of the set speed at rest areas to 50 km/h.