The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé: Interior design: Robust luxury with a sporty touch

Dec 5, 2019

The interior of the new GLE Coupé shares numerous features with the other models in the new premium-SUV family, but is sportier. A familiar sight is the modern cockpit with two large 12.3-inch /31.2 cm screens and the strikingly shaped instrument panel, horizontally divided by a trim element tier, which seamlessly transitions into the door panels. Its top is finished in ARTICO man-made leather in the GLE Coupé as standard. The sporty emphasis comes courtesy of the standard sports seats with particularly good lateral support and ARTICO cover, and the sports steering wheel with nappa leather rim, likewise standard in the coupé.

The SUV touch, meanwhile, is added by the high centre console with the dominant grab handles. The high-quality styling and processing of all surfaces and features and the impressive ergonomics convey a contemporary and luxurious impression. There are extensive possibilities for individualisation in the range of optional trim surface finishes and seat upholsteries, which can take the sporty theme in the GLE Coupé to a whole new level and demonstrate the handcrafted quality of genuine luxury products.

The sporty, stylish cockpit is embedded in a powerful, strikingly styled solid body. The instrument cluster and media display (2 x 12.3 inches as standard) are housed behind a continuous glass surface to form a large, free-standing screen. The solid body beneath it transitions seamlessly into the door panels. The integrated trim element is made of brushed aluminium as standard and likewise surrounds driver and front passenger all the way into the doors. As a result, it accentuates the width while conveying security and elegance. At the same time, this creates the impression as if the upper body were free-floating. The ambient lighting illuminates the dashboard, with optical fibres running through the entire cockpit. The four rectangular air vents are prominently embedded in the trim element.

The prominent, raised centre console creates a robust contrast with the free-floating appearance of the dashboard. As a typical feature of off-roaders, two grab handles are mounted on the centre console. The modern, luxurious impression is rounded off by the flowing surface contour behind them, the large trim element and the flush-mounted roller cover.

There is a touchpad in the centre console as a further means of controlling many vehicle functions. The controls on the centre console with tactile and audible feedback are designed to seem milled from a solid metal block. Material quality and finish illustrate the standard in terms of perfection and craftsmanship. The spokes of the new sports steering wheel have a distinctive design and underscore the robust appearance of the SUV interior. Touch Control buttons on them provide access to a host of functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

The door panels exude tranquillity with their harmonious transition from the dashboard and their accentuated horizontal design lines. The interplay between the powerfully sculptured armrest and the smoothly, recessed door trim creates a dramatic contrast. The door trim houses the miniature seat for the seat adjustment typical of Mercedes-Benz. The closing handles of the doors blend into the shape of the armrest, whose front end houses the controls for the windows and exterior mirrors. The result is a homogeneous design unit that harmonises with the grab handles on the centre console.

The trim elements of the dashboard are optionally available with a metal structure finish, which creates associations with sportiness and off-road characteristics. Available alternatives are open-pore woods such as anthracite oak and brown walnut wood, which bring the elegance and cosiness of contemporary furniture design into the interior.

Various options are available for the leather upholstery of the seats. In conjunction with the AMG Line interior, customers can choose between single-tone black leather and two-tone combinations in white/black or classic red/black – the latter combination is reserved solely for the coupé of the GLE family. The combination macchiato beige/black with matching roof liner is available as a stand-alone option. The upholsteries in the combination rough leather/leather, which evoke a subtle off-road atmosphere with rough leather grain on the seat side bolsters and head restraints, come in all black, magma grey/black or truffle brown/black.

The magma grey/black nappa leather seats, which are available in conjunction with beltlines, dashboard and door panels all trimmed with nappa leather, represent a classy option. These exclusive seats demonstrate particularly high-quality workmanship with multiple inverted pleats. The leather is inverted in the middle and the two halves on either side are folded inward so that two upholstery bellows face each other above the created recess. The two bellows are sewn together at the top and bottom. The result is a smooth, taut surface that can hug the back and is firm where the seat is supposed to give less.