Large order: 80 eVito Tourer for fleet operator Willemsen-de Koning from the Netherlands

Sep 6, 2019

E-mobility is also on the rise in the area of larger fleets for passenger transport. This is occupied by a large order from Mercedes-Benz Vans from the Netherlands: Wensink Automotive, Willemsen-de Koning and Mercedes-Benz Vans signed a contract for the delivery of 80 eVito Tourer (electricity consumption combined: 24.2 – 20.2 kWh/100 km; CO2-emissions combined: 0 g/km) vehicles. The fully electric fleet is used for group transports in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Among other things, the locally emission-free eVito Tourer will bring school students in and around Utrecht to school and thus replace the previously used vehicles with combustion engines.

With the eVito Tourer vehicles, the Dutch company Willemsen-de Koning, specialist in taxi, school and passenger transport in public areas, is also making a significant contribution to improving air quality in the city. Utrecht is one of the areas with the highest density of charging points in the Netherlands and thus creates the best conditions for the electric fleet. 

The eVito Tourer – great comfort, great flexibility 

Locally emission-free driving and low noise emissions are coupled with great comfort for passengers – the eVito Tourer is tailor-made for transporting people in inner cities. With the installed battery capacity of 41 kWh, the vehicle offers a total range of between 156 and 186 kilometres[1]. After a charging time of six hours, the entire range is again available for use[2]. The battery-electric drive system delivers an output of 85 kW and up to 295 newton metres of torque. 

The positioning of the battery in the underbody of the eVito Tourer creates a generously spacious interior without any restrictions, and thus allows as many as eight seats in addition to that of the driver to be fitted. The mid-size van can be ordered with one of two different wheelbases. The basic variant has a total length of 5140 millimetres. Meanwhile, the extra-long version measures 5370 millimetres. 

Depending on the number of passengers and the desired level of comfort, the eVito Tourer offers special and flexible solutions for the demanding task of transporting people. The preconfigured seating for the passenger compartment can be tailored to individual requirements by selecting from the numerous seating variants. The maximum permissible gross weight stands at 3200 kilogrammes. 

Van ProCenter 

Another reason why Willemsen-de Koning chose the eVito Tourer is the service provided by the Mercedes-Benz Van ProCenter. The specialised mobility centres, offering great people transport expertise, are important partners in the successful deployment of the fully electric people carriers. Training will be organised for Willemsen-de Koning's drivers to help them optimally use the various drive programs, making the most of the energy-recovery technology and optimising the range and consumption. 

With Mercedes PRO, Mercedes-Benz offers new fleet and vehicle management options. Innovative connectivity solutions not only enable a more efficient and effective deployment of the eVito Tourer, but also translate into easier fleet administration. All connectivity services are grouped under Mercedes PRO connect. This web service connects the fleet manager with all of the vehicles and drivers. The fleet manager, for instance, can request vehicle information, such as location, battery percentage and maintenance interval. Mercedes PRO connect is module-based and flexible. Fleet managers can choose precisely the functions that will make their jobs and the drivers' jobs easier. 

Willemsen-de Koning 

With a fleet of approximately 2000 vehicles, in the Netherlands Willemsen-de Koning is one of the top companies in the field of controlling and implementing long-distance passenger transport in a small scale. The company specializes in (regional) taxi, student and passenger transport for public sector clients such as municipalities, provinces and care facilities. Sustainable innovation has always been an important part of the corporate philosophy. Willemsen-de Koning is therefore particularly pleased about the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and its partners. The 80 Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer have been in use in the Netherlands since the beginning of the new school year this week.

[1] Range has been determined on the basis of Directive 692/2008/EC. The range is dependent on the vehicle configuration, and in particular on the selected maximum speed restriction. The actual range is also dependent on the individual driving style, road and traffic conditions, the outside temperature, use of the air conditioning system/heating and may differ. 

[2] The battery charging time depends on the charging infrastructure.


Large order: 80 eVito Tourer for fleet operator Willemsen-de Koning  from the Netherlands
Large order: 80 eVito Tourer for fleet operator Willemsen-de Koning from the Netherlands