ENERGIZING comfort control: Active comfort, now with instructions

Jun 24, 2019
Stuttgart/Salt Lake City

ENERGIZING comfort control networks various comfort systems in the vehicle, and uses lighting and musical moods plus a number of massages for a wide range of feel-good programmes. New features include the ENERGIZING COACH, which recommends programmes according to the situation, as well as ENERGIZING seat kinetics. The system supports advantageous changes in the seating posture by means of minute movements of the seat cushion and backrest when on a journey.

The GLS is available with the ENERGIZING Package, which includes the ENERGIZING comfort programmes Freshness and Vitality as well as three training programmes – muscle relaxation, muscle activation and balance – each with several exercises. This also includes the AIR BALANCE Package for fragrancing, ionisation and filtering of the air.

The ENERGIZING Package Plus additionally includes the ENERGIZING programmes Warmth and Joy as well as multicontour seats for driver and front passenger with massage function, climate-controlled seats for driver and front passenger with seat heating and seat ventilation as well as the Warmth Comfort Package.

The programmes all run for ten minutes. They are visualised on the media display with colour graphics, and backed by suitable music. Individual functions of the programmes can be deactivated.

ENERGIZING comfort control also incorporates ambience lighting, which is harmoniously tailored to each of the individual screen designs. The light stages the interior like a work of art by composing colour worlds from different colours.

ENERGIZING COACH: Comfort with instructions

The ENERGIZING COACH is a new feature included in the ENERGIZING Package Plus. This function based on an intelligent algorithm recommends one of the programmes depending on the situation and individual. If a Garmin® wearable is worn, personal values such as stress level or quality of sleep optimise the accuracy of the recommendation.

The aim is for passengers to feel well and relaxed even during demanding or monotonous journeys. In addition, the pulse rate supplied by the integrated Garmin wearable is shown on the media display.

ENERGIZING seat kinetics: active sitting whilst driving.

Good for the back: The new ENERGIZING seat kinetics supports orthopaedic changes in the seating posture by means of minute changes to the inclination of the seat cushions and backrest. The system is available for the front seats in conjunction with all-electric seat adjustment with memory function.

"The best seat position is the next one" - this is what many doctors say about sitting in the car. Because sitting in almost the same position for several hundred kilometres and many hours is not good for one’s back or discs. Mercedes-Benz now supports changing the seating position with ENERGIZING seat kinetics.

ENERGIZING seat kinetics uses the electric seat adjustment. If the driver selects this programme, the angle of the seat cushions and/or backrests are continuously adjusted minutely during the run time of the programme using the seat settings selected by the driver and the front passenger as the starting point (the so-called "Home" position). The changes are only minimal - a few degrees or millimetres.

Active sitting during the trip can improve spinal health, because the natural strain and relief of muscles, joints and discs can lead to muscle relaxation and improved supply of nutrients to the joints and discs.

ENERGIZING seat kinetics is based on a patented algorithm and offers three programmes for short, medium-length and long journeys. These differ with regard to the number of adjustment cycles and above all the length of the pauses between the cycles. Convenient selection of the programmes is visually supported via the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) media display.

The system is based on an invention by Comfort Motion Global (CMG) and was significantly refined by Mercedes-Benz for series use in the automobile. The brand's seating experts optimised the angle of adjustment and the number of cycles, among other things, and they also established that the system should be stopped when braking. If PRE-SAFE® measures are initiated in an emergency situation, the ENERGIZING seat kinetics are completely deactivated. Mercedes-Benz tested the system with the aid of extensive test subjects on the roads, thereby confirming the system's benefits and acceptance.