Variability of the interior: From luxury saloon to cargo champion at the touch of a button

Jun 24, 2019
Stuttgart/Salt Lake City

A push of a button is all that is required to stow away the comfortable seats and make full use of the 2400-litre boot space in the GLS. The switches on the left and right of the load compartment and on the front of the wheel arches on the front-passenger side in the C-pillar area allow the seats in the rear rows to be folded completely flat. This creates a completely level loading area covered with carpet and flush with the loading edge of the liftgate. It is also possible to fold down all the seats simultaneously by pressing the "ALL" button.

An automatic reversing function protects children, pets or luggage from being injured or damaged when the seats are folded. For the convenient folding function of the seats the head restraints are also retracted so that the seats fit into the provided recesses in the floor.

The fore/aft adjustment of the second row by up to 100 mm makes it possible to allocate space conveniently when five people are on board. An electrical EASY-ENTRY function facilitates the boarding of additional passengers. It comprises either both sides of the seat bench in the second row or in the six-seater the luxury individual seat on the front passenger's side. The switch for this function is in the top of the backrest and the seat is also returned to its original position electrically in both cases.

The comfortable interior configuration makes the GLS a perfect combination of luxury saloon and cargo champion. It is also a consistent continuation of the standard-fit HANDS-FREE ACCESS operation of the liftgate and the lowering of the loading sill by AIRMATIC.