Production and sales: Even more global

Sep 25, 2018

The new A-Class Saloon will be built in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Rastatt, Germany. Back in 2013, a compact car from Mercedes-Benz was sold on the American market for the first time with the launch of the four-door Coupé CLA. And this move has been a successful one: In 2017, more than 50 percent of CLA customers were new to Mercedes-Benz. In 2017, more than 620,000 compact cars were delivered to customers in 170 markets around the world. The new A-Class Saloon expands the compact car range in the US in addition to the CLA.

Production of the new A-Class Saloon will start in Aguascalientes still this year. The COMPAS (Cooperation Manufacturing Plant Aguascalientes) joint-venture production plant in Central Mexico will expand the compact-car production network at Mercedes-Benz Cars to five locations on three continents. COMPAS is a project of the cooperation with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Daimler and Nissan each hold 50% of the shares in COMPAS.

Production of the new A-Class Saloon at the Mercedes-Benz Rastatt Plant in Germany will start in 2019 in addition. Rastatt is the lead plant for the compact cars in the global production network. The plant is responsible for the global production control as well as for the quality and supplier management. It also supports smooth start-ups at the other plants by training their employees, for example. The new A-Class of the new generation of compacts has already been coming off the line in Rastatt since April.

The A-Class established today's compact car segment of Mercedes-Benz in 1997 and since then more than six million compact cars have already been delivered worldwide. The A-Class Saloon as the seventh model further expands the range of compact cars from Mercedes-Benz. A logical addition, because with the C, E and S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has more premium saloon competence than most other manufacturers.