car2go: Global market leader in free-floating car sharing

Jun 27, 2018

The flexible mobility service car2go allows customers to spontaneously hire a smart or Mercedes-Benz car at any time and return it to any location within the given operating area. The worldwide market leader for free-floating car sharing currently has more than three million customers and is available at 24 locations in Europe, North America and China.

The customer locates the vehicles using their smartphone and pays only for the period of hire. Parking charges, fuel and charging costs, taxes and insurance are all included. This is kind on the customer's wallet - and on the environment, too, as free-floating car sharing is proven to help keep the air clean in cities.

In addition, a total of 1400 all-electric smart fortwo and Mercedes-Benz B‑Class models are in service in Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Madrid – the largest all-electric free-floating car sharing fleet in the world. In this way, the pioneer of flexible mobility concepts gives city dwellers an opportunity to experience electric mobility for themselves.

A totally new development is low-priced packages for long-term rentals: car2go offers its customers in Europe and North America low-priced hour-based packages for rental periods of two, four, six or 24 hours.