Intelligent support for smart EQ fortwo and smart EQ forfour: smart EQ control app: The perfect digital companion

Mar 5, 2018

smart is simplifying access to electric mobility: the Geneva Motor Show will witness the premiere of the new smart EQ control app - the digital extension of the smart EQ fortwo and smart EQ forfour. This app combines numerous items of car-related information, such as the current charge level and the control of vehicle functions such as pre-entry climate control, and displays the corresponding information in personalised form. The new features further include intelligent push notifications which provide the user with anticipatory suggestions, and a link to the smart "ready to" services.

The new smart EQ control app is simple, straightforward and entertaining in typical smart style. After registering, the customer has access to the current vehicle status in personalised form. Personalisation includes the local weather and a stylised screen background citing the vehicle's current surroundings, both on the basis of the vehicle's GPS position to which the user has granted access. The depicted smart EQ fortwo or smart EQ forfour corresponds to the owner's original vehicle in terms of paintwork and equipment, for example.

Various sections are available within the app:

CONNECT offers the functions of an on-board computer. The user can call up their vehicle's current status at any time by smartphone. Displayed information includes charge level, range and whether the tyre pressure is correct, for example.

CONTROL enables functions such as pre-entry climate control to be operated conveniently from anywhere via the app. Additional remote functions are planned.

COMFORT uses push notifications to inform smart drivers if, for example, the state of charge of the battery is very low. The app's scope of functions also includes a link to the innovative smart "ready to" services.

Charging at public facilities is important for many electric smart customers. With this in mind, in future users of the smart EQ control app will have a straightforward means of charging their smart EQ fortwo or smart EQ forfour at around 60,000 charging stations throughout Europe and of paying for their electricity, without having to register with various portals and carry various charging cards.

Another feature is implementation of the eco score in a fun guise: the eco score indicates to smart drivers how they can optimise their driving style. It is calculated on the basis of acceleration, consistent driving style and coasting.

The smart EQ control app is expected to be available in five languages for smartphones with iOS and Android from mid‑2018.