Mercedes-Benz opens a Digital Delivery Hub in Lisbon

Mercedes-Benz opens a Digital Delivery Hub in Lisbon

May 9, 2017
Stuttgart | Lisbon
  • New centre for global software solutions
  • Portuguese government: Lisbon as the next hotspot
  • Worldwide search for "digital natives"

Stuttgart | Lisbon. At the beginning of May, Mercedes-Benz opened the world's first Digital Delivery Hub in the Portuguese capital. Lisbon is currently becoming the "place to be" in the digital world. The world's most important tech-conference, the Web Summit, has been held in Lisbon since last year, for example. Mercedes-Benz is involved as a main sponsor and with numerous well-regarded speakers. The Portuguese capital is a very popular place for "digital natives" to live and work and the scenario is perfect for the new Digital Delivery Hub of Mercedes-Benz. The national government and city council also plan to use this momentum to develop Lisbon into the next digital hotspot. The Portuguese authorities very actively assisted the founding phase of the new centre with minimal bureaucracy.

Talent wanted

As part of the CASE strategy comprising the four pillars of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric Drive, the purpose of the Digital Delivery Hub is to accelerate the transformation from a premium automobile manufacturer to the leading provider or premium mobility services. Combining the strengths and experience of Mercedes-Benz with the inventive spirit of young, talented people is to lead to new digital products and business models. With agile units such as the Digital Delivery Hub in Lisbon, highly talented experts are to develop solutions covering the entire digital added value chain within very short timespans.

To build up the Digital Delivery Hub, Mercedes-Benz is now looking for talented people from the digital world. With the focus on the digital future, experts in the areas of software development, app programming, Big Data, Cloud computing, Java, Java Script and AEM development are invited to apply.

Details of the Digital Delivery Hub and situations vacant:

Mercedes-Benz opens a Digital Delivery Hub in Lisbon
Mercedes-Benz opens a Digital Delivery Hub in Lisbon