Mercedes-Benz Fashion Commitment Spring/Summer 2017: Burning Desire: Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign Fashion Talk

Jul 1, 2016

Berlin/Stuttgart. Yesterday, Wolfgang Schattling, Senior Marketing Expert at Mercedes-Benz, invited the talents of the Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign, musician Eliot Sumner, model Lucie Von Alten, director Christian Larson and designer David Koma, to an exclusive Fashion Talk, which was held in the Mercedes-Benz Lounge at the Erika-Hess ice rink, the official venue of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Wolfgang Schattling welcomed guests and commented, “This season, we have been playing with fire in the truest sense of the word. It was a creative challenge to successfully personify the rebellious nature of the CLA and to capture its individuality via visual imagery. Fire played a key part in the campaign and was chosen and used as a metaphor for desire and for the powerful visual it offers.”

Director, Christian Larson was involved both, creatively and logistically, in the development of the campaign concept and the final motif. “It’s amazing that Mercedes-Benz gave me the freedom to work so creatively on the development of the campaign. Naturally, I studied the work of my forerunners and wanted to create something equally unique. The initial idea derived from the CLA and fire was chosen for its representation of numerous things specifically, its unrestrained strength. Mercedes-Benz was really impressed by the idea when I presented it, apart from me wanting to set the car on fire. In the end, they agreed. The only catch was, the car could not be damaged. To prevent this, we used the same protective material fire stuntmen wear when performing.”

As a musician, Eliot Sumner is used to being in in front of a camera. Featuring in the campaign presented her with the opportunity to work both with Mercedes-Benz and Christian Larson for the first time. She explained that it was both amazing and exhausting; “I have worked with fire before and loved it, even more so this time around. We worked all through the night but I didn’t mind as the shoot and the team was such fun!” Sumner is a big fan of Berlin and revealed that she never books a return flight when she comes to the city. Model Lucie Von Alten also knows the city well and has previously walked in shows as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Whilst working on the designs for the campaign, David Koma wanted to create strong overall looks which were perfectly suited to the campaign concept. He considered the strong lines of the CLA, the theme of the campaign “Burning Desire” as well as a series of key messages, including rebellion and individuality. Koma was impressed by the design talent showcasing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin commenting “There is so much young design talent here and I think it’s amazing that Mercedes-Benz is continually supporting and presenting emerging design talent on platforms such as this, globally.”

Following the Fashion Talk, the campaign protagonists and guests attended the Mercedes-Benz & ELLE present show by Japanese designer, Wataru Tominaga. Tominaga was invited by Mercedes-Benz & ELLE to showcase his seasonal collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, having won the Grand Prix of the Jury Premiere Vision at the 31. International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères in April. His collection was well received by guests, who were treated to an explosion of colours, styles and textures. Tominaga played with voluminous designs using handmade fabrics demonstrating his aspiration to create an expressive, ambiguous style which is not constrained by gender, race or age. “I would like to bring more imagination into fashion, especially in menswear,” says the designer of his own ambitions.

Photographic material for the Fashion Talk and for Wataru Tominaga’s show is available for download via the following link:

Copyright-free moving image material can be downloaded free of charge via the following link:

Burning Desire: Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign Fashion Talk
Burning Desire: Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign Fashion Talk
Burning Desire: Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign Fashion Talk
Burning Desire: Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Campaign Fashion Talk