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Idea competition "smart urban pioneers": Worldwide online community chooses finalists – crowdfunding starts in May

Idea competition "smart urban pioneers": Worldwide online community chooses finalists – crowdfunding starts in May

Apr 15, 2016

Stuttgart. The finalists have been determined: in the idea competition "smart urban pioneers" for more joy in the city, smart fans around the world have now chosen their favourites. The most votes went to the projects Cabin Spacey from Berlin, Urban Affairs 2016, also from Berlin, and myLike from Munich. Starting in mid-May 2016, the three finalists will present their projects to a wide audience on the international crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The goal is to raise the necessary seed capital to realise the projects within the four-week period of their crowdfunding campaigns. The final placings of the winning projects in the idea competition "smart urban pioneers" will be decided after the crowdfunding campaigns have ended. smart will support the three finalists with an additional prize money of 50,000 euros in total. The winner will receive 25,000 euros, the second-placed project will be awarded 15,000 euros and 10,000 euros will go to the third-placed project. The realisation of the winning projects will be continually reported on in the international online brand magazine smart-magazine.com.

With "smart urban pioneers", smart magazine is underlining its claim to point out "solutions for today's urban challenges". smart, the cult brand for urban mobility, promotes innovative projects aimed at making cities even more liveable, the spectrum ranging from urban gardening to social networking and urban art to healthy living.

The three finalists of the idea competition

  • Cabin Spacey – minimal housing from Berlin
    Cabin Spacey reflects the growing demand for urban living space offering maximum quality of life, resource efficiency and flexibility. This micro apartment module comes with bathroom, kitchenette and bed, the smallest unit comprising just under 20 square metres. Cabin Spacey’s housing module is easy to transport, simple to erect and can be quickly connected to the existing infrastructure. This makes it possible for abandoned urban areas, parking sites or roofs to be turned into housing space.

  • Urban Affairs 2016 – urban art from Berlin
    With programme offerings at three different sites, Urban Affairs, a novel urban art festival planned to take place in Berlin in summer 2016, intends to put derelict urban spaces to cultural use. The programme ranges from art exhibitions to performances, readings and discussions to workshops. Each of the three days of the festival will focus on a different topic: city, space, people. Together with the public and local residents, the festival aims to develop and realise projects designed to make city living more attractive while opposing the trend towards gentrification.

  • mylike – social networking from Munich
    mylike is the social network for treasures of the city. Users save their favourite places and share them with friends or set up groups in order to exchange recommendations with like-minded individuals. The app and online platform promotes social networking and encourages people to rediscover their city. Hotels, companies and media can also use it as a mobile concierge to give their clients insider tips to improve their customer service.

"smart urban pioneers" – a unique idea competition for more joy in the city

The competition was launched by smart in December 2015 and called on creative people or teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to come up with innovative ideas and projects designed to make life in the city even more worth living. Over 40 urban innovators took part and submitted their concepts by the end of January 2016. A panel of international experts assessed all the projects focusing on their potential for increasing quality of life in the cities. In the second phase of the competition in March 2016, the top ten submissions picked out by the jury were presented in a voting asking the worldwide online community to pick the projects that should be realised.

Idea competition "smart urban pioneers": Worldwide online community chooses finalists – crowdfunding starts in May
Idea competition "smart urban pioneers": Worldwide online community chooses finalists – crowdfunding starts in May